Case Study: The Crypto Strategy That 
Passively Turned $5,000 Into $83,640…

In April 2018 I was looking for a better cryptocurrency investment strategy…

The problem was, I felt like I was consistently missing out on the biggest winners in the crypto markets…watching other cryptocurrencies skyrocket while my own portfolio dwindled…

On top of that, with my busy schedule, I barely had time to research new, emerging cryptocurrencies or even manage my own portfolio. And even when I did, the process of logging into exchanges to perform the various trades was a hassle that consumed even more of my already limited time!

But then I came across a new passive investment strategy unlike anything I had ever seen in the crypto space before…And it ended up working extremely well, vastly exceeding my expectations.

I started testing this new strategy with a wide variety of crypto portfolios, running historical back tests nearly every day. I was honestly amazed by the results…

This completely passive crypto investment strategy was, without fail, outperforming my old strategy of buying and holding (HODLing) the various cryptocurrencies I had “researched.”

Check out the results on the chart below, the green line shows the returns of this passive crypto strategy. The passive crypto strategy ended up leading to way higher crypto returns compared to just holding Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies.

Passive Crypto Strategy Portfolio

Diversified-Only Portfolio
(Bitcoin + Ethereum + Ripple)

Bitcoin-Only Portfolio

As you can see from the chart above, the passive crypto strategy, over the course of a year, led to:

800% higher returns compared to a holding a diversified portfolio containing the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

And 1,100% higher returns compared to holding a Bitcoin-only portfolio! 

The best part was that this strategy worked for me on autopilot. 

I didn’t have to look into and research new and emerging cryptocurrencies constantly.

I didn’t have to waste my time manually logging into cryptocurrency exchanges and executing trades.

And I didn’t have to constantly worry about my crypto portfolio, making sure that my earlier investments weren’t rapidly losing value relative to the rest of the crypto market.

This passive method has gone on to be my primary cryptocurrency investment strategy.

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